About Us

Martand, founded in 1920, is one of the India’s fast emerging Ayurvedic Brand, manufacturing various products related to health care, oral care, skin care and other FMCG products.  Martand as a Brand has developed its roots into the North, Central and East Indian Markets.

Established in 1920 by  Pandit Baijnath Bajpai, a leading visionary and a reputed Vaidya at Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, India with an aim to produce genuine ayurvedic medicines, strictly following ayurvedic procedures for the service of common man, relieving them from their ailments, making people healthy and happy. Products manufactured by Martand using best quality herbs are genuine and very effective, consumed by all age groups. People with the trust of bond showed by all sections of our consumers, Martand is now infused with new vigor and challenge and now has a vision and a mission to serve mankind nationwide as well as globally.

Martand believes in Purity, purity is the defining parameter of our products. Products produced under Martand have the essence of naturality as we at Martand follow ‘Shastra Padati’ and take utmost care to maintain their quality, strength and efficacy without use of any harmful chemicals.

Company Profile-

Company Name - Martand Foods & Dehydrates Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Office – 10, Civil Lines, Unnao-209801, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Director's @ Martand

  1. Vijayanand Bajpai (Chairman)
  2. Akhilesh Narayan Bajpai (Managing Director)
  3. Dr. Geeta Bajpai (Director)
  4. Mukesh Narayan Bajpai (Director)
  5. Sanjay Narayan Bajpai (Director)
  6. Anjay Bajpai (Director)


Catering to nationwide and global demand of ayurveda, taking it to every doorstep, from rural to urban, thus making people healthy through the power of Ayurveda.

History Of Martand

  1. Pt. Baijnath Bajpai- Proposer and promoter
  2. Pt. Savitanand Bajpai- Promoter, added various new products -1950-1962
  3.  Pt. Sachidanand Bajpai (Ex-Education Minister, Uttar Pradesh Government) – Promoter & strong visionary of sales and marketing. – 1963-1974
  4. Pt. Vijayanand Bajpai – Managing Director - 1975 onwards.
  5. Udit Narayan Bajpai – Promoter & Improviser. – 1980-87.
  6. Prem Narayan Bajpai – Promoter & Improviser. – 1980 Onwards.

In the year 1920, a strong and  dynamic gentleman took the lead to establish a company named Martand Salt Company and started the manufacturing of a unique product which got famous as ‘Namak Martand’ it was also known as Sulemani Namak because of its medicinal properties apart from its unique blend of taste. The process of manufacturing of Martand Namak/Salt was even older than the great visionaries themselves. It was passed from their great grandfathers who were themselves a brand in Ayurvedic treatment, and were makers of age old effective ayurvedic products and laureates of ayurvedic procedures. The recipe of Martand hence passed on from generation to generation.

After the Independence of India, in 1970s  when Ayurvedic Act came into existence, various products were categorized under different categories namely Churnas, Vati, Asauwas, Arishtas, etc. accordingly Martand Salt got its new nomenclature as Martand Churn. It was the time when Martand introduced various other products in the market which received strong positive feedback.

From those age old days we have been providing various gifted and effective products which were developed by the wisdom of our forefathers and the knowledge of pure ayurveda, and are in continuous improvisation cycle.

Martand Present-

Martand in the era  of new regulations and modernatization has got it various products patented and approved by the government.

All Products in Martand are formulated in accordance with Ayurved Shastra Padati with best quality ingredients taken in their pure forms.

As the science of ayurveda developed and people became aware, various products offered by Martand received thrust and encouragement. Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old. Ayurveda is a science of medicine in which herbs are used for effective treatment and ailment. The importance of Ayurveda over other science of medicine is that it is 100% safe and has no side effects unlike other sciences, also it results in longterm relief. Ayurveda as a science might have its roots in the Indian Belief System but its credibility is now being recognized by different nations and regions. There has been a tremendous growth in demand of Ayurvedic Products. Therefore we at Martand would like to cater to the growing demand of Ayurvedic Products to make world a healthy living place.